E92 BMW - Differential Lockdown Kit Installation

Installation of DEFIV fabrication E9X M3 differential lock down kit.
The DEFIV kit's design and function is to eliminate wheel hop, sloppy shift feel.

  • Remove rear exhaust section and midpipes. 
  • Remove heat shield above rear portion of drive-shaft.

  • Disconnect both rear axles and drive-shaft
  • Lower Diff (strap down for security)

  • Once the diff is out of the way, remove the two front bushings, careful not to damage the subframe sleeves that they rest in, the material is thin and easily damaged. A proper bushing removal tool is needed.

  • Install one half of the bushing by hand into the subframe sleeve with the center bushing sleeve installed enough to engage the second half. Once the second bushing half is put into place, verify that the center sleeve is engaged with both halves of the bushings before pressing them in, damage to bushings will occur if not done properly.
Brace Installation:
  • Rear brace installation preparations:
  • There are two small modifications to the subframe necessary to install the rear brace.

Drilling subframe holes:
  • Located right next to the oem rear subframe bushings are two “drain holes”, the bottom side of which you’ll be opening up in order to fit the brace bushing guide tubes.

  • Raise the differential brace into position and reinstall the diff cover bolts slightly loose to hold the brace in position. Install the upper nuts into the upper hole of the subframe, opposite the hole where the sleeve pushes in. There is limited space, so having diff loose wiggle around to get the upper and lower bolts in. Tighten everything back up and double check torque specs to factory recommends.

If you have question about labor cost for DEFIV installation; give us a call or email us.