BMW M6 Gran Coupe

We installed the H&R Sport Springs this 2014 BMW M6. H&R springs are designed to lower you vehicle to improve handling by lowering the center of gravity, thus decreasing body roll and weight transfer. They also reduce that annoying fender well gap on BMWs with stock suspension. Although the new M6 does come from the factory with a lowered ride height from other BMW F06-series it still needed to be a bit lower. We were a bit hesitant to put springs in this car because of how good the stock ride comfort and handling was, the EDC system on this car is fantastic. That being said, H&R springs are the best out there and we knew they could only improve the car. They are one of the first upgrades we perform on any of our project cars.

The Install:
The install of these springs took approximately 5 hours. It involves removing all four coil over (spring and strut assemblies) from the vehicle. Each coil over plugs into the EDC system which makes the removal and install of the strut assemblies a bit tricky, especially in the rear where you need to access the top of the strut from under the rear deck tray. You must remove the rear tray and some trim pieces to access the the EDC harness and the 3 bolts holding the strut.

The most difficult and time consuming part of doing the
 spring install is making sure there is ample room to remove the rear strut assemblies without damaging the EDC harness on the strut its self or anything around it like the electronic emergency brake. We found the best way to do this is to disconnect the rear upper camber arm, remove the rear sway bar links with electronic emergency brake and disconnect the rear control arms. This gives plenty of room to pull out the coilover strut out of the rear wheel well. Other than that the install is relatively straight forward, the front is basically just like most other BMWs.

The springs lowered the car exactly 1 inch in the front and a little over ½ inch in the rear giving the car a great stance with a small amount of rake. We love the look of the car with the H&R sport springs, we also add 15mm H&R Spacers to bring out the wheels and tires giving the car a bit more of an aggressive stance on the stocks M6 20" wheels.