blog: E92 BMW M3 Angel Eyes Retrofit

Taking apart the headlights and removing the amber lens in your BMW E92 M3-Series can be tricky, but it's completely possible with some patience and a few tools. We use head gun and flat tip screw driver. After opened the headlamps, its ready for retrofits works adding the custom 7000k CREE LED angel eyes rings.

There's few preferences on how they will retrofit their headlight. The easiest method would be to use the existing shrouds to mount the new BMW LED Angel Eye Rings. Since the BMW LED Angel Eye Rings have a flat backing, you can use double sided adhesive tape to mount the BMW LED Angel Eye Rings on the flat portion of the OEM shrouds.

Once we have securely mounted the BMW LED Angel Eye Rings, you can now locate a power source to draw power from. We advise using your ACC 12V+ if you would like the LED angel eye rings to turn on, in this case we remove factory parking light bulbs and tap into power source from it so there's no error.

Now, headlights are installed back onto the vehicle and the new BMW LED Angel Eye Rings are looking HOT!